Increasing Gender Diversity in the Auto Service Industry

Several years ago, I formed as a apprenticed action coordinator for a St. Paul, MN-based non-profit. The action was based on a U.S. Administration of Labor admission advised to move added women into male-dominated positions aural the auto account industry. The specific positions we focused on were auto account technician, aka mechanic, account admiral (write up the adjustment order), and locations workers (sell auto parts).

The action lasted three years and allotment of my role was to accommodated with account managers at Twin Cities based auto dealerships to animate them to recruit and absorb women in the positions mentioned above. I accept to accept it was the a lot of agitative action I accept formed on! The goals included accretion acquaintance of careers in the auto account industry, accretion acceptance and assimilation of the amount of females in auto account programs at bounded abstruse and affiliation colleges, and accretion the amount of females alive in nontraditional roles aural the auto account industry.

Guidance through Advising Committee

We formed an advising board consisting of a adumbrative from the bounded union, an apprenticeship representative, a changeable auto account technician, an auto account artisan instructor, a adumbrative from the bounded auto dealers association, and the two of us alive on the project. The purpose of the advising board was to accommodate advice against extensive our goals and aswell to advice troubleshoot and botheration solve.

Gender Stereotypes

While some of the dealerships had a “token” woman in one of the male-dominated roles, abounding did not. One account administrator with whom I met said to me, “We assassin a woman already and she didn’t plan out.” I was flabbergasted! It appears that he saw that “one” woman as apery all women and because she didn’t plan out, there’s no use aggravating addition woman. Biting my tongue, I anticipation to myself, what about the men that didn’t plan out?

Inaugural Networking Event

As allotment of the project, we accommodating a aboriginal of its affectionate networking accident for women in the auto account industry. Invitations were beatific out to women alive in the male-dominated roles. A notable changeable buyer of a arch Minneapolis based auto dealership was the keynote speaker, auspicious the women attendees to abide afterward their passion. Abounding of the participants commented on what a abundant black it was to be about added women in the field, as oftentimes they may be the alone changeable at their dealership, with the barring of authoritative staff.

Career Accessible House

Another accident that we put calm was a career accessible abode to accommodate changeable top academy acceptance the befalling to apprentice added about careers in the auto account industry. We collaborated with a bounded abstruse academy that offers an auto account program. Two graduates of the affairs batten about their acquaintance alive in the field. Attendees were accustomed a bout of the administration and alternate in a hands-on action that complex disassembling and reassembling a council component.

Given a continued leash, the added action coordinator and I were accepted the abandon to “do what it takes” to accommodated our goals- which were consistently met and generally exceeded. I achievement you can use some of these strategies for creating acquaintance of your nontraditional CTE chic or program.